Lash and Brow Services

Woman with eyelash extensions.

Lash Extensions      $160

All lashes come in a variety of lengths, type of curl, and type of lash to create a completely customized look from natural to diva! Say good-bye to mascara. They're yours...only better!

Partial Set of Lash Extensions      $90

Perfect for anyone wanting to try extensions for the first time or if you are wanting a natural looking enhancement to your lashes.

Lash Fill     $55 

Every 2 weeks for maintenance of lash extensions.

Lash Lift     $60

See what your own lashes can do with a lash lift! This curls your natural lashes for a look that lasts weeks!


Lash Tint     $25

Tint your lashes black for a maintenance free natural beauty enhancement for your eyes.

Brow Shape and Design    $20   

Haven't had a brow wax in awhile? Lost the shape of your brow? Do you need help in learning how to fill in your brows? This is the service for you! Your brows will be tweezed, trimmed, and waxed to perfection!

Brow Wax    $15

Brow clean up.

Brow Tint      $15

Have brows that need some life? Helps to give the appearance of fuller brows. Several tints available to match your desired color.